Spinola: Beware Open House Drag Queen Burglars!

Manhattan real estate is a dangerous business. Steven Spinola, president of The Real Estate Board of New York, just sent out a wonderful email today alerting local brokers to a little problem involving lady thieves (who ‘may actually be men dressed as women’) who are being sought for open house robberies.

Here’s the missive, in all its glory:


Dear Residential Member,

I wanted you to be aware of a recent problem relating to open houses.

Although this is rare and may be limited to one particular couple, there have been robberies by individuals pretending to be viewing the open house. The individuals have taken everything from jewelry to prescription drugs.

This particular couple may actually be men dressed as women. Be assured that the police are investigating and are making progress, but we all have a responsibility to keep our eyes open during such open houses.

Again, I believe that this is an extremely rare occurance but the more vigilant we are, the less these incidents will occur.


Steven Spinola Spinola: Beware Open House Drag Queen Burglars!