Spitzer and Appointee on Judicial Pay

At a brief press conference in his midtown office today, Eliot Spitzer announced he was re-appointing for another term the only Hispanic judge on the state’s Court of Appeals, Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick.

I asked the judge about judicial pay raises, which lawmakers are holding up until they get their own.

”Well, I’m still willing to accept this job even without it,” Ciparick said. “I’m hopeful, as is my chief judge and every judge in the state.”

Spitzer, who supported a bill supporting pay raises for the judiciary only, said “We have a judiciary that should be paid more. It is a matter of attracting the best jurists into our system.”

As we were leaving, the other reporters and I noticed a New York Times reporter was just arriving. (I thought the reporter might have been there for an exclusive, but the governor’s spokeswoman put that rumor to rest).

Spitzer and Appointee on Judicial Pay