Spitzer Continues Basic, Positive Agenda, Dems Relieved

Eliot Spitzer continues to fill his public schedule with announcements on basic, broadly appealing policy issues.

This morning he directed the M.T.A. to keep base subway and bus fares at $2, and later today, he’s making an economic development announcement in Binghamton.

It’s a seamless continuation from yesterday, when he announced more than a $1 billion in federal funding for the 2nd Avenue subway and education benchmarks for a number of school districts.

One of the state senators on hand for the education announcement, Antoine Thompson of Buffalo, told me yesterday, “I think it’s a core Democratic issue, education and health care. And I think the closer that the governor gets to trumpeting those core Democratic issues like education and health care, many Democrats will be even more excited than they were today.” Spitzer Continues Basic, Positive Agenda, Dems Relieved