Spitzer on 2010 “Competition”

In an interview last night on Inside City Hall, Eliot Spitzer seemed to shrug off the notion that his political troubles will lead to Andrew Cuomo challenging him for governor in 2010, a possibility the New York Post mentioned in its coverage yesterday of Spitzer’s miserable poll numbers.

When asked about it, Spitzer smiled and said, “Political chatter is fun. It’s like a card game. You reshuffle the deck and deal them each time a new. that’s what makes it interesting. I don’t’ think for a moment that game or reshuffling and dealing new cards is ever going to stop.”

And about Bloomberg running for governor in 2010?

“That’s great,” Spitzer said. “I always say competition is good. Just so it’s clear, I have no doubt I will be in great political shape because what we are going to do will save the public, and it’s already evidence, they’re going to say ‘hey, we like what he is doing and how he is running his administration.’ You make tough decisions, you pay for it in the polls. I’ve never been one to make decisions based on poll numbers. I don’t like to think of myself as worrying about popularity from day to day. I think about what is right on the substance.”

The other interesting highlight from the interview was Spitzer clearing up an apparent discrepancy over whether or not withdrawing support for the driver’s license issue means he will also withdraw his support for the federal Real ID Act, something New York Democratic congress members voted against earlier.

Spitzer said, “What we agreed to, and I don’t think there is a tension between the statements, what we agreed to was a document that said that based on our understanding of what the regs would be, if the regs turn out to be as scaled back as they have said they would be, then we will be in fine shape. It depends what the regs look like. That’s why there is that level of uncertainty." Spitzer on 2010 “Competition”