Spitzer Reaction to Siena Poll

After a press conference this morning about opening a new school in Battery Park City, I asked Eliot Spitzer what he thought of the Siena poll numbers that were coming out, showing support for him and his driver’s license plan dropping below 50 percent.

Here’s what he said.

“Look. Only, as I’ve said on numerous occasions, this is a tough issue. And it’s one where we’re continuing to try to talk to the public, explain why we took the position that I have thus far and explain what issues we’re trying to address. And–but I understand you don’t need to see the most recent poll to understand this is an issue that has touched a nerve in the public. And we’re trying to address that in a thoughtful, modulated way. And we’ll see where we go and that is a conversation that I think will continue.” Spitzer Reaction to Siena Poll