Spitzer Setting the Stage for Non-Basic Fare Hikes?

Eliot Spitzer said earlier today he wants the MTA to keep the base transit fare at $2, but as reported, his plan leaves the door open for increases on other types of fares (like unlimited).

Spitzer announced that the state has found $220 million to help plug the MTA’s budget gap, a figure reported earlier as higher.

In other words, as an interested reader explained it to me, “Something has to go up because they’re not matching what they said has to go up. So, logically, unlimited rides go up, or tolling and Long Island Rail Road and Metro North go up.”

UPDATE: A helpful reader sent me an audio clip of the governor’s remarks this morning, where he said he asked the MTA officials to “Come back with a proposal that has a significantly reduced increase in any of the other components from the 6.5 percent that had been discussed over the period of the hearings over the past number of weeks.” Spitzer Setting the Stage for Non-Basic Fare Hikes?