Spitzer Takes Questions From Assembly Dems

Earlier today, Eliot Spitzer spoke to Assembly Democrats, who are currently gathered in Brooklyn for a three-day conference. With the ink still drying on today’s story that he is changing his aggressive approach to governing, it was an opportunity to show the people he battled with for much of last year that he was looking to legislate instead of steamroll.

At the event, Spitzer even took questions from the lawmakers, which he didn’t do at a similar gathering of lawmakers in Puerto Rico.

What was he asked?

“I asked him whether he will be including money to save the fare in his January budget,” said Assemblyman Richard Brodsky of Westchester. “I was asking how the fare increase would be divided up, since apparently, he’s running the M.T.A.”

How far they’ve come.

More news from the meeting: Liz reports that Spitzer said judges, legislators and commissioners all deserve pay raises. Spitzer Takes Questions From Assembly Dems