Strike is Over! Broadway Lights Up Tonight

Broadway is back! On the 19th day of the the strike a tenative agreement was reached between the League of American Theatres and Producers and the Local One stagehands union. Details of the final agreement have yet to be made public. Producers and the union have been hashing out issues including work assignments, setting of a production’s run crew, load-in costs and labor minimums. Increase in wages was the subject of the final day of negotiations which lasted over 10 hours.

Playbill reports:

Charlotte St. Martin, the executive director of the League, addressed the press just before 11 PM with a short statement. St. Martin said, "We are pleased to announce that we have a tentative agreement with Local One of IATSE ending the Broadway strike, and we’re happy about that. Performances for all shows will begin tomorrow night — once again, that’s Thursday, Nov. 29 — and schedules for all productions will be posted on [the League’s official website at]. The agreement is a good compromise that serves our industry. What is most important is that Broadway’s lights will once again be shining brightly with a diversity of productions that will delight all theatregoers during this holiday time. We look forward to celebrating the season and welcoming our talented stagehands and the theatregoing public back to Broadway."

James J. Claffey, the president of Local One, made a very brief statement: "Brothers and sisters of Local One, you’ve respresented yourselves and your families and your union proud. That’s enough said right there." Bruce Cohen, the union’s spokesperson, later told NY1, "All I can say is we’re glad there’s a deal, and everybody should go back to work, and the public should go see a Broadway show."

The union will now have ten days to approve the tentative agreement, although stagehands will return to work immediately.

Strike is Over! Broadway Lights Up Tonight