Suspicious Mail for Sharpton

Al Sharpton’s lawyer Sanford Rubenstein is saying that the FBI thinks that “a dangerous substance” may have been sent to Sharpton’s New York headquarters.

Here’s a statement he just sent out:

"I was notified by the FBI this morning that there is a possibility
that a dangerous substance may have been mailed to Reverend Al
Sharpton at his New York headquarters and for his safety we have been
advised that he or his staff should not open any packages or letters
from a specific addressee or any mail that looks suspicious because it
is possible that it could contain dangerous materials. For his safety
and for the safety of anyone who might open packages addressed to the
National Action Network or him, we have been informed that they should
not open suspicious packages and instead turn them over to the FBI.
Rev. Sharpton has alerted his office in New York and is in the process
of notifying all of the offices around the country of this potential
Suspicious Mail for Sharpton