The Day in Gossip: Oprah Winfrey Takes Lumps; Don Imus Brings Backup!

Oprah Winfrey and her company, Harpo, are the subject of a new, supposed exposé by Keifer Bonvillain. [Page Six]

When tarnished shock-jock Don Imus returns to the airwaves, he will have a co-host. [Page Six]

Charlotte Gainsbourg nearly turned gay film director Todd Haynes straight. [Rush&Malloy: 6th item]

Olympic gold-medal ice skater Oksana Baiul has apparently fallen off the wagon, and hard. [Page Six]

Musician Pete Wentz is going to the mattresses for his girlfriend Ashley Simpson. [Page Six]

Gossip Girl
’s Leighton Meester partied with pals last week at Goldbar, where Dom Perignon held its Masque Ball. [Gatecrasher: 5th item]

NBC Universal chief Jeffrey Zucker has scooped up Kitty Carlisle Hart‘s 11-room apartment on East 64th Street for $12.3 million. [Page Six]

After tasting freedom, Howard Stern’s sidekick and joke-maker, Jackie Martling, wouldn’t take his old job back “for anything in the world.” [Page Six]

At the Park Avenue home of financier Valentin Hernandez, former Puerto Rico governor Sila Calderone announced her new position; Diana Widmaier-Picasso’s art has been found. [Page Six]

George Clooney sings the praises of recently deceased victim of McCarthyism, Milo Radulovich. [Page Six]

Party girl Tara Reid will never be invited back to the set of Scrubs, because she “stank of booze and smokes.” [Rush&Malloy: 1st item] The Day in Gossip: Oprah Winfrey Takes Lumps; Don Imus Brings Backup!