The Morning Read: Friday, 16, 2007

Hillary Clinton was on the offensive in yesterday’s debate.

She said Barack Obama and John Edwards were throwing mud at her.

She’s past that rough patch.

Ben summarizes where the Democratic presidential candidates stand on driver’s licenses for undocumented residents.

The crowd in Las Vegas isn’t sure who won.

Rich Lowry thinks Barack Obama and John Edwards “are validating a core part of the anti-Hillary case that Republicans have made for years — that she’s a slippery cynic who cares only about power.”

Immigrant advocates are unhappy with Clinton.

Under Michael Bloomberg, there’s been “no significant progress” for eighth grade reading and math test scores, according to national figures.

Joel Klein has a different take.

Eliot Spitzer will make a major push for gay marriage, says Fred Dicker.

Republicans don’t have many prospective challengers to Spitzer.

It’s hard to get past this headline: “Pigeon Poop on Quinn.”

Derek Jeter has tax problems.

The Curtis Sliwa chatter persists.

Here’s more on James Ortenzio’s guilty plea to tax evasion.

Fred Thompson lets Al D’Amato do all the talking.

Bloomberg and John Leguizamo have jokes.

John Kerry and Newt Gingrich write an op-ed piece about “E-Prescriptions.”

Paul Krugman refutes Obama’s assertions about social security.

Donn Esmonde has advice for Spitzer: “lighten up” and “hire somebody better at politics than policy.”

On Spitzer’s withdrawn tax plan, the New York Post editorial board writes “To be sure, [Paul] Francis gets credit for creativity.”

The Wall Street Journal editorial board’s suggestion for Spitzer: “he could do worse than enroll in anger management class and take a pledge not to try to ruin everyone who disagrees with him.” [subscription]

And here’s “Candidates in a Box.”

The Morning Read: Friday, 16, 2007