The Morning Read: Monday, November 19, 2007

John McCain takes a kinder, gentler approach to attacking Hillary Clinton.

Clinton cancelled a fund-raiser in California, which angered some people there.

Giuliani spent a lot of time in Las Vegas Sands billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s private plane.

A plan for attack ads against Giuliani from 9/11 firefighters and families may be in the works.

The New York Times takes Giuliani’s health care record to task.

Lou Dobbs isn’t running for President, but he’s flattered you asked.

City lobbyists aren’t revealing the names of the officials they’re paying, even though they have to under a new law.

Michael Bloomberg said the “pandering is now in full throttle” on the presidential campaign trail.

Bloomberg’s education plan will remain intact under Eliot Spitzer’s plan.

Spitzer is raising money from “major developers, lobbyists and lawmakers,” says the Times Union.

Tawana Brawley’s parents want Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo to reopen their daughter’s rape case.

Jeanine and Al Pirro are going their separate ways.

Rumor has it upstate Congressman Tom Reynolds may retire.

Christine Quinn’s liberal roots get called into question.

More teachers are retiring from city schools, says the teachers union.

New Jersey may repeal its death penalty.

The Broadway stagehands strike continues.

David Seifman hears more the Ray Kelly for Mayor buzz.

Kirsten Danis says Christine Quinn is pushing to end the tax break for Madison Square Garden.

Liz writes that other Spitzer aides could face perjury charges, depending on Darren Dopp’s testimony.

Jacob Gershman says Spitzer is now liberated from his “messianic leadership style.”

Karl Rove explains how to beat Hillary Clinton.

Ed Koch and Rory Lancman say Democrats have to get tougher on Iran.

Sheldon Silver’s pick to be on the state’s ethics commission has her own troubles in that department.

Fred Dicker says Spitzer’s top aide, Peter Pope, used really strong language when trying to stop the construction of a power plant.

Bob Ray Sanders liked Spitzer’s first driver’s license policy.

The AP’s Mike Gormley wonders if Spitzer learned anything from his driver’s license fight.

And Debra West wonders “is humility in Spitzer’s DNA?” The Morning Read: Monday, November 19, 2007