The Morning Read: Thursday, November 15, 2007

In previewing tonight’s Democratic debate, Patrick Healy writes, “Mrs. Clinton has the most repair work to do.”

She also has “a massive lead” going into tonight’s debate, according to this new poll.

In the New Yorker, Ryan Lizza looks at Barack Obama’s new strategy for toppling Hillary Clinton.

Eliot Spitzer withdrew part of his tax plan yesterday.

Fred Dicker notes that that made two in one day.

Some immigrants are not happy.

The Washington Post gave Spitzer’s driver’s license story major coverage.

Spitzer is fighting a lawsuit that could have led to the release of some violent felons.

Spitzer and Michael Bloomberg may clash on the environment.

Bloomberg wants the ability to remove bad teachers more easily.

Bloomberg reportedly warned OTB that their tax subsidies may run out soon.

Bloomberg may visit China.

Get ready for a toll increase from the Port Authority.

Former upstate Republican congressman John Sweeney pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated.

Democrats and Republicans attack John McCain for not rebuking that “bitch” questioner.

The New York Times looks at Mitt Romney’s early days.

Gail Collins write this about John Edwards’ evolution: “Now he’s running around like a rabid gerbil, telling people he should be president because he’s the angriest. Soon, he’s going to run out of adjectives to embody.”

Juan Gonzalez says Democrats were “cowed” by Republicans on the driver’s license issue.

Liz thinks Spitzer can bounce back.

Writing for the Washington Post, Steven Malanga says illegal immigration doesn’t matter.

In a piece written for the Wall Street Journal, Sandra Day O’Connor complains about special interest money and the courts [subscription].

The New York Times editorial says “Governor Spitzer needs to return to ground, to reconnect with the people who elected him.”

The New York Post editorial board says of Spitzer, “Maybe there’s hope for him yet.”

The Daily News editorial board says “Good call, Gov.”

And El Diario is seething mad: "When New York Senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waffled on a question about the policy in a debate, it raised a wariness that many people feel about the Democratic Party. The party has no fight in it.
That is why Hispanics need to take notes on who is truly going to bat for us, and who is waiting for the ‘right’ time." The Morning Read: Thursday, November 15, 2007