The MTA Is Sick of Getting Yelled At

The public hearings on the MTA’s proposed fare hike have been a great exercise in civic catharsis, letting people tell the transit agency just how much they dislike the idea of paying more for their daily commutes. But the MTA apparently hasn’t felt that these meetings amounted to a “productive discussion.”

For that, MTA Chief Executive and Executive Director Elliot (Lee) Sander is going to hold a workshop this Saturday at New York University’s Kimmel Center, where participants will sit around tables and discuss, in indoor voices, what sort of fare hike they would prefer if a fare hike must be had; what they make of these 14-day passes being bandied about; whether they get this whole off-peak, on-peak idea; and what trade-offs they would make if they were in charge.

Spokesman Jeremy Soffin explained, “This is about how smart people, who either support or oppose the fare, agree that normal public hearings don’t create a forum for a public discussion.”

Participants are being asked to pre-register. The MTA Is Sick of Getting Yelled At