The year’s most impressive ad you haven’t seen

We fell in love with the Sony Bravia “Balls” ad — in which thousands of colorful bouncy balls cascade on San Francisco (here) — so we were intrigued to learn that Nicolai Fuglsig, that commercial’s director, made “Tipping Point,” a new spot for Guinness. We knew Fuglsig liked complicated projects, but we were blown away by the final product, one of the most ambitious, inventive ads to come along since, well, Fuglsig’s last one.

The ad basically turned the remote mountain village in Argentina where it was shot into a giant, rattle-trap Rube Goldberg device. It starts with falling dominoes, progresses to knocked-over pieces of furniture, really gets rolling with burning haystacks, and concludes with an ingenious final shot we won’t spoil for you.

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