Top U.K. Surgeon: Princess Diana Could Have Survived

Today, at an inquest into Princess Diana’s death in 1997, Thomas Treasure, the former president of the European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery, said that the late monarch may have survived the high-speed crash in a Parisian tunnel had the medics at the site not wasted so much time. Mr. Treasure, speaking in London’s High Court, called the critical minutes in question (which may add up to a sum of 30) a “window of opportunity,” adding that the emergency crews did “very substantial good” when they first arrived on the scene of the crash. After the injured princess was loaded into the ambulance, however, Mr. Treasure testified that “opportunities were lost …When I pick through this with the benefit of hindsight [and ask], ‘Was this recoverable?’ The answer is yes, it just about was.”

Diana may have survived but for lost time, surgeon says [AFP] Top U.K. Surgeon: Princess Diana Could Have Survived