Uber-Lawyer Ed Hayes on Linda Stein: ‘They Killed Her!’

The outlandish and very powerful attorney Ed Hayes, who inspired the character Tommy Killian in Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities, is the perfect match for the late Linda Stein (who inspired the realtor in the movie Wall Street). So he was hired by Stein’s ex-husband Seymour, the Sire Records mogul, to help family members during the murder investigation.

And this is what the attorney had to say about Linda Stein when The Observer called him up: “They killed her! They were sick and tired of the way that she acted, and they killed her.” Wowzah.

When pressed twice, Mr. Hayes later said he wasn’t serious. But it’s not insane to wonder if Stein’s infamous brashness might have gotten her into trouble with someone. (“They lie, the brokers—they lie to brokers, they lie to clients,” Stein complained to The Observer in an interview this year. “There’s lying. Lying!”) On the other hand, Stein was a five-foot-tall cancer survivor; the fact that she was outspoken can’t explain such a violent death.

As for the ongoing search for the killer, Mr. Hayes said: “If you don’t get him within the first 72 hours, you’ve got a problem.” Uber-Lawyer Ed Hayes on Linda Stein: ‘They Killed Her!’