Weekend in Review: Post-Thanksgiving Edition

Newspapers are often gaunt the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this being a campaign year, there was still plenty of news to go around the last few days.

Rudy Giuliani probably didn’t sleep much this weekend, even if he did win the cover of Newsweek. He caught a big break early, when the news came out that the influential mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire would endorse him. On Saturday Mitt Romney went after him on his New York spending record, (and somewhat randomly, also complemented Michael Bloomberg). Giuliani struck back, and later attacked Romney as having been weak on crime. On another front, Giuliani was at war with Fred Thompson over guns, and just how "normal" New York City is compared to the rest of the country. (Not very?). In light of shady circumstances surrounding a $250,000 loan, the Bernard Kerik predicament is not getting any better, and newspapers haven’t stopped writing about it, even if there isn’t much new to say. Finally, the crowds at Giuliani’s New Hampshire events were reportedly disappointing.

Hillary Clinton had an easier weekend. David Ignatius wrote that he thinks she is best positioned on economics, her campaign allegedly has the fastest response to false or unfair media stories, and it turns out that blue-collar women like her pro-healthcare, pro-child message. She delivered a speech on autism in Iowa and it was reported that she has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from a relatively poor border town in Texas because of one big "bundler." The tensest moment of the weekend might have been when one Iowan asked her about her conservative corporate friend Rupert Murdoch.

Despite slipping in recent polls in early pirmary states, a poll released today by Rasmussen shows both Giuliani and Clinton still have strong leads in February 5th, or "Super Tuesday," states.

Closer to home, Eliot Spitzer is still having a hard time catching a break. Even though the Times editorial about him this weekend is called "Spitzer’s Holiday Cheer," it’s pretty frosty. Meanwhile, the Daily News wants him to crack down on incompetent doctors and Michael Daly blames him for the outrageous cost of scoring a Hannah Montana ticket.

In other news:

A study by the Post indicates more allegations of wrongdoing by the NYPD under Bloomberg than under Giuliani.

Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum doesn’t want the state’s pension fund invested in the music industry if the music it produces is filled with dirty words.

And The New York Times stands behind Bloomberg’s decision to shut down Off Track Betting. Weekend in Review: Post-Thanksgiving Edition