Will Smith: Scientology, Bible Almost Identical

In the latest issue of Men’s Vogue, Will Smith tells the book that, after flirting with Buddhism and Hinduism in the past, he has started to study Scientology with Hollywood pal Tom Cruise. Adding to Mr. Smith’s recent revelation, a source apparently told US Weekly that the I Am Legend star’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, 36, has also become interested in the quasi-religion started by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. In fact, they told the gossip weekly, “She’s more gung-ho about Scientology than Will.”

And that might be saying a lot. Mr. Smith, 39, who was raised in the Baptist church, goes on to say that “Ninety-eight percent of the principles [in Scientology] are identical to the principles of the Bible….I don’t think that because the word someone uses for spirit is ‘thetan’ that the definition becomes any different.” To clarify for those who may not know, a ‘thetan’ is considered by most Scientologists to be a spiritual being—possessing both a mind and body—who has lived through several incarnations. Will Smith: Scientology, Bible Almost Identical