Yet More on Hillary and the Media

Today’s Washington Post brings us what’s at least the fourth major installment in the ongoing "Hillary vs. the campaign press" storyline that The Observer first identifed back in February. Since then, The New Republic and The Washington Times, among others, have weighed in on the same subject. 

Howard Kurtz’s dispatch from the trail today fleshes out the picture a little more, offering some anecdotes about Clinton staffers thwarting reporters’ efforts to ask questions, and judging that "reporters can generally get close enough [to Clinton] to watch but no further, as if separated from the candidate by an invisible sheet of glass."

But Mr. Kurtz doesn’t seriously consider the idea that the Clinton campaign might be right to be pursuing this course.  After all, with the exception of one question at a debate, she’s avoided any major slip-ups so far, which is the goal.  As some have pointed out, the strategy appears similar to the one used by President Bush while in office, which, at least for a time, helped generate largely positive coverage.    

At the end of the story, Mr. Kurtz finally gets a chance to ask the candidate a question himself: "Wouldn’t providing more media access help get her message out?"  Hillary’s camp seems to think the answer is no.   Yet More on Hillary and the Media