A Last-Minute Burst of Hillary

Hillary Clinton will make her closing argument to Iowa voters in a two-minute television appearance that will air during every six p.m. newscast throughout the state on January 2.

The burst of last-minute visibility could give her something of an advantage, particularly since Barack Obama is thought to have made his closing argument in a speech today, and John Edwards’ plan for closing arguments is a series of roundtable talks, according to an “internal” memo.

Press release:

Hillary Clinton To Offer Caucus-Eve Closing Argument

Two-minute Message Will Air Across Iowa On Jan. 2nd

The Clinton Campaign today announced that Hillary will make her final closing argument to Iowans in a two-minute televised appearance on January 2nd on the eve of the caucuses. The taped message will air on every 6PM newscast throughout the state.

Hillary continues her “Big Challenges, Real Solution–Time to Pick A President” Tour today with events in Lawton, Denison, Carroll and Guthrie Center while President Clinton will be in Dallas County, Clay County, Dickinson County, Palo Alto County and Kossuth County.

As she travels across the state, Hillary will continue to make the case that in the face of great challenges, she has the experience to make change happen starting on day one. America faces a war abroad and a troubled economy at home — critical moments that demand a President who is tested, ready to lead on Day 1 and offers real solutions to the big challenges we face. And that person is Hillary Clinton.

A Last-Minute Burst of Hillary