A new Steve Some Award

This week’s Steve Some Self Promotion Award goes to Assembly Minority Whip Jon Bramnick, who announced today that he was the recipient of the Essex County Legislator of the Year Award from the Essex County Republican Committee. Essex GOP Chairman Kevin O’Toole presented the award. Bramnick says O’Toole recognized his “hard work and dedication.”

To win this high honor, Bramnick beat out five other Republican legislators — including O’Toole — who represent small parts of Essex County. Millburn is in the 22nd district, and Cedar Grove and Verona are in the 40th. The other 19 Essex municipalities are all represented by Democrats.

Now that Bramnick is the Legislator of the Year for Millburn, Cedar Grove and Verona, maybe it validates his point of not running for Congress because his leadership is needed in Trenton? A new Steve Some Award