Adler calls for Attorney General to investigate Riccio

Update: A new version of the AP article reports that Adler's letter to Attorney General Anne Milgram asks her to investigate whether Riccio engaged in misconduct by examining tax records. Adler did not mention the payment of $15,000 in the letter

In the letter, Adler said that he discussed the Rocco Riccio matter privately with Boxer after his initial testimony in front of the judiciary committee and reviewed his notes.

"I am concerned that Mr. Riccio may have acted improperly when he was a state employee. Specifically, I believe that he might have examined certain tax records in violation of state law," wrote Adler.



The Associated Press reports that Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman and John Adler is calling on the Attorney General to investigate Gov. Corzine’s gift of $15,000 to Rocco Riccio, the brother-in-law of of his ex-girlfriend Carla Katz.

Adler raised the issue during questioning of comptroller nominee Matt Boxer, whose nomination hit a snag two weeks ago after he refused to answer questions about his role in the Riccio matter.

"I'm going to ask that the attorney general to initiate a thorough criminal review of what happened and determine whether any laws were broken,'' said Adler.

The committee approved Boxer's nomination unanimously and sent it on to the Senate for confirmation.

Adler calls for Attorney General to investigate Riccio