Andy Warhol Passes On His Fashion Jean

What is it with Andy Warhol and jeans already? A Madrid-based fashion label called Pepe Jeans London has just announced plans to create a collection of clothes and accessories inspired by the posthumous Prince of Pop. But this isn’t the first time a jean brand has been created with Mr. Warhol in mind.

Last winter, during what seemed like the final gasp of a Warhol-mania resurgence, Levi Strauss & Co. teamed up with the Andy Warhol Foundation to launch a clutch of cotton wares called Warhol Factory X Levi’s. Pepe, too, has joined forces with the painter’s foundation. Except their 250-piece men’s and women’s collection, which will debut in Florence next month, is to be called The Andy Warhol Collection by Pepe Jeans London—an umbrella title that will comprise two sub-lines, called, of course, Pop and Factory. Pop will draw from his iconic works, like the whole soup can situation. Factory, on the other hand, will be more ethereal, looking to the man and his milieu for inspiration.

According to WWD, the managing director of the Spanish label, Nish Soneji, thinks Mr. Warhol is an ideal fashion mascot. “Andy Warhol, being a contemporary icon, immersed in the same ethos, made it a natural pairing of a preeminent jeans brand with an iconic timeless artist.” Andy Warhol Passes On His Fashion Jean