Angelou on the Radio, Pirro on T.V.

Geoffrey Gray reports two possibilities to replace Dan Doctoroff. [Daily Intelligencer]

Hillary Clinton debuts a radio ad in South Carolina starring Maya Angelou. [Hillary Clinton]

Eliot Spitzer recalls all unsafe toys statewide. [N.Y. Governor]

Karl Rove will appear at a Rudy Giuliani fund-raiser tomorrow night morning, according to Liz. [Daily Politics]

Jeanne Pirro may be getting a T.V. show. [Rochester Turning]

The Clinton campaign fires another volunteer who forwarded an Obama smear email. [CNN]

Not everyone thinks Tim Russert gave Rudy a hard time on Meet the Press. [Room 8]

Tom Hamburger and Dan Morain explore Clinton’s fondness for earmarks. [L.A. Times]

Jack Kelly is the G.O.P.’s likely choice to run for Jim Saxon’s New Jersey congressional seat. [PolitickerNJ]

Kirsten Gillibrand had a fund-raiser last night in Albany. [Albany Project]

Mike Huckabee has two new ads. [Politico]

Dan Tress reports from a protest against a proposed cell tower yesterday. [Queens Chronicle]

And Al Hunt thinks Hillary’s plan for victory is going awry. [Bloomberg]

Angelou on the Radio, Pirro on T.V.