Another Dead D.C. Icon Does N.Y. Apartment Deal

On Wednesday, The Observer reported that the late Washington Post publisher Kay Graham had sold her U.N. Plaza apartment for $2.3 million. (The newspaper icon died six and a half years ago, so the apartment, near her friend Truman Capote’s, was sold by her estate.)

City records show that one more long-gone Washington, D.C., hero, the late National Gallery of Art director J. Carter Brown, just made a New York deal too. In October, a trust in his name bought a three-bedroom apartment at 123 Baxter Street, the new Little Italy condo.

The price was $2.505 million.

Even though it’s a spacious spread–2,133 square feet, not counting the 452-square-foot terraces–it’s hard to think that Brown would have wanted to live in such a relatively grimy neighborhood. The museum god was hugely patrician, after all, though he was somehow very hip too. "He was a great aristocrat," his successor told The New York Times, "but a real populist.”

His sister Angela Fischer signed the deed on behalf of her brother’s trust. Maybe she’s the one who’ll live in the apartment’s 25-foot-long master bedroom, which has a little "dressing area" and walk-in closet. One imagines that the 32-foot-long living/dining room will get some nice decorations.

Another Dead D.C. Icon Does N.Y. Apartment Deal