Award Shows Beg W.G.A. For Mercy

Panic has set in for Golden Globes producers. They have asked the Writers Guild of America for a waiver to allow writers to pen the Jan. 13 show’s script, but few expect it will be granted, according to Variety. Maybe it will actually be an entertaining show without the lame puns and half-baked chuckles, but who will actually cross the picket line and fill up The Beverly Hilton’s seats?

So will the stars — both presenters and nominees — be willing to cross the picket line?

The WGA continued to be mum on the Globes question Tuesday but it has granted a waiver to the Screen Actors Guild‘s 14th annual awards — not a completely surprising development, given SAG’s strong support for the WGA throughout the six-week strike.

It’s a safe bet that all upcoming televised kudocasts — which include the Critics Choice Awards, the SAG Awards, Independent Spirit Awards and the big kahuna, the Oscars — will proceed as scheduled, since the networks and the voting orgs have too much invested to cancel them.

Ashley Judd and Hayden Panettiere are scheduled to announce the nominations for the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

Award Shows Beg W.G.A. For Mercy