Biondi continues to mull congressional bid

Assemblyman Minority Conference Leader Peter Biondi really wants to run for Congress. It’s just that he’s not so sure how enthusiastic he is at the prospect of raising millions of dollars.

Biondi is still working the phones, and says he’s gotten a lot of commitments and offers to help out and join finance committee. But he’s frank that raising the money won’t be easy, especially when Democrats hold such a large financial advantage over Republicans.

“We’re starting off at a disadvantage, so it’s really important that you have the ability to raise $3.5 to $4 million, and if you can’t raise that you’re not going to be competitive,” said Biondi. “You won’t win it just knocking on doors or with a couple glossy flyers.”

Biondi said that fellow Somerset County resident and former gubernatorial daughter Kate Whitman, who has already announced her candidacy for the seat, has called him to ask whether he’s running. He hopes to make a decision by next week. Biondi continues to mull congressional bid