Bloomberg: ‘If I Was Going to Run, I’d Know Exactly Who to Go To’

Here’s Michael Bloomberg dismissing a story published today that says his aides are reaching out to his former campaign consultants and asking them not to get locked in with other presidential candidates until Bloomberg decides if he’ll run.

“There was this breathless story, like something’s changed,” Bloomberg said at the City Hall press conference this morning. “I have no idea where it came from or what it‘s about.”

He continued, “Do I have advisers on lots of things? Sure. Do I know people? If I was going to run, I’d know exactly who to go to." (video stops here)

I asked him who those people are.

“Why would I tell you? Are you out of your mind?,” Bloomberg responded, which got the room full of city officials and reporters laughing (thanks!). He added, “If you have a real question that’s serious, I‘ll be happy to answer it."

Of course, Bloomberg has maintained a fairly small, yet consistent team of consultants for his two mayoral campaigns. They include Doug Schoen and Michael Berland, who did polling, Bill Knapp who did television ads, and the legendary David Garth, who provided strategic consulting.


Bloomberg: ‘If I Was Going to Run, I’d Know Exactly Who to Go To’