Bloomberg Pollster Schoen’s New Book: ‘Declaring Independence’

Doug Schoen, a noted pollster Michael Bloomberg has relied on for two mayoral elections, and who may be called upon again should Bloomberg enter the presidential race, is coming out with a new book entitled “Declaring Independence.” [via Steve M.]

The subtitle of the book is “The Beginning of the End of the Two-Party System.”

Schoen wasn’t interested in talking about the book when I reached him on his cell phone. (It was out of character that he even answered). When I asked about his book, he replied “Thanks so much,” and hung up on me.


It’s set to come out on February 5, or Super Tuesday, when a lot of states will have their presidential primaries.

In a book he published earlier this year, The Power of the Vote, Schoen described a scene in which he tells Bloomberg how they can approach polling:

"This election is going to involve a little over a million voters,’ I said. ‘We don’t have to sample, we can do it all.’ By purchasing consumer information and using phone banks, we could build a profile of every swing voter that combined demographic, voting history and consumer data… Bloomberg’s reaction was simple and direct. ‘Let’s do it,’ he said."
Bloomberg Pollster Schoen’s New Book: ‘Declaring Independence’