Bloomberg’s Gifts to His Press Corps

Last night, Michael Bloomberg hosted his annual holiday party at Gracie Mansion for reporters, where gag gifts are always exchanged.

Here’s what he gave this year, all supposedly "made in China:"

Frankie Edozien of the New York Post, who wrote about the pigeon control bill, got “the Department of Health’s very first collection of pigeon birth control," or “pigeon condoms.”

A gold watch (of questionable authenticity) went to Karla Schuster, who has been Newsday’s City Hall Bureau Chief for six months, allegedly an unusually long tenure.

Radio reporter Rich Lamb, who is one of the only reporters in City Hall in the same age bracket as Bloomberg, received a "photo" of Lamb and Saint Patrick from back in the good old Middle Ages.

Television reporter Melissa Russo, who didn’t go on Bloomberg’s Asia trip, got leftover Chinese food.

And City Hall bureau chief Diane Cardwell of the New York Times, a newspaper that literally shrunk not so long ago, got “T.G.H.” This, the mayor explained, stands for “Times Growth Hormone,” and its catch phrase is: “All the juice to fit more print.”

Bloomberg’s Gifts to His Press Corps