Charles Barron Not Sucking Up to Spitzer

Here’s Charles Barron complaining about a previous investigation by Eliot Spitzer of a black-owned charity based in Harlem, the Black United Fund. “He investigated. Now, where they had their office, is a bar. So, you’d rather have bar up in Harlem than the Black United Fund?”

Barron sees a pattern.

“He did that, and he did the same thing to Hale House, which was a black organization. I don’t see him doing the same thing to the white organizations, to some Jewish organizations that had questionable dealings. But when it came to the black organization, he destroyed it.” [the video cuts out in the middle of the quote]

When asked if Spitzer has a problem with the black community, or with black elected officials Barron said, “Not black elected officials, because they suck up to him.”

Barron and others sent out an advisory that they will protest the issue on the City Hall steps next Tuesday.

A Spitzer spokesman referred my initial question to a press release Spitzer issued at the time of the investigation, in 2003, and questioned why the issue is coming up now.

I left messages for Barron, the contact person for the press conference, and one of the people removed from the Black United Fund, and have not heard back yet. Charles Barron Not Sucking Up to Spitzer