Clinton gets line A on Essex County prez ballot

After all the emails and phone calls back and forth regarding ballot drawing procedure, Essex County Clerk Chris Durkin said he couldn’t believe the way it turned out for the Democratic presidential candidates in Essex.

First, the Democratic State Committee told county clerks like Durkin to givethe line to whoever the county party organization endorsed for president. That would have meant Sen.Hillary Clinton would get line A in 17 of 21 counties. After taking some public criticism yesterday and being pointed in the direction of Democratic National Committee bylaws, the Democrats relented and instructed the clerks to have two drawings: one for Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama, and one for the remaining Democrats.

Then Durkin said he received a communication from Jack Carbone and the Democratic State Committee at about 2 p.m. today telling him to just conduct one drawing for all of the candidates.

The result, according to Durkin, is that Clinton still came out on top in the drawing, and will receive line A.

"What’s amazing is that Obama came in second, and Edwards was drawn third," the clerk said of the candidates who are running second and third to Clinton in New Jersey.

Clinton’s, Obama’s and Edwards’ names will be followed on the Essex County Feb. 5th ballot by those of Gov. Bill Richardson, U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, and Sen. Joe Biden. Clinton gets line A on Essex County prez ballot