Clinton in good shape, says Cryan

Democratic State Committee Chairman Joseph Cryan said today that the presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton's is hardly in trouble.

"I think she's in a lull right now, which is all part of the ebb and flow of a political campaign," said Cryan, who delivered the opening remarks at a ceremony last spring when Gov. Jon Corzine, Cryan and other New Jersey Democratsofficially endorsed Clinton.

Polls in Iowa with less than a month to go before the Democratic primary there show establishment candidate Clinton in a statistical tie with Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards. In New Hampshire, a Washington Post/ABC Poll places herjust six points ahead of Obama.

No problem, said Cryan.

"Three things with her," said the state committee chairman, "Financial resources, name recognition and experience."

On Thursday at an event at Manchester's Technical Community College, Clintonaccepted the endorsement of the National Education Association (NEA), the state's largest union, which numbers 16,000 members. Upon accepting the endorsement, Clinton criticized the Bush Administration for failing to properly implement the measures of the No Child Left Behind Act, which Clinton supported in 2001.

"It's driving educators crazy," Clinton said, referring to the program, which she said she would change if elected president.

Clinton in good shape, says Cryan