DeCroce endorses Giuliani

Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce officially endorsed Rudy Giuliani for President today.

DeCroce cited Giuliani’s record as mayor of New York City, and said that Giuliani is the only member of the Republican field who can carry New Jersey.

“Rudy was able to accomplish the impossible in New York City by cutting taxes, creating jobs and dramatically reducing crime, making it a livable and safe city again,” said DeCroce. “No candidate has the experience and the results of Mayor Giuliani. He is the only Republican who can defeat the Democrats in New Jersey.”

While the endorsement adds another prominent member of the New Jersey Republican establishment to Giuliani’s campaign, it puts DeCroce's pick at odds with that of his wife, Betty Lou, who declared support for Mitt Romney late last month. DeCroce endorses Giuliani