Democratic candidate ballot placement, county by county

The following is anunofficial list of the Democratic candidates for president in the order in which they will appear – lines A through F – on the Feb. 5th primary ballots in20 of New Jersey's 21 counties. Cumberland County's lineup was not available onThursday.

Atlantic: Edwards, Richardson, Clinton, Kucinich, Obama, Biden

Bergen: Obama, Biden, Edwards, Clinton, Kucinich, Richardson

Burlington: Obama, Edwards, Kucinich, Clinton, Richardson, Biden

Camden: Clinton, Obama, Richardson, Edwards, Kucinich, Biden

Cape May: Richardson, Biden, Clinton, Kucinich, Obama, Edwards

Essex: Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, Kucinich, Biden

Gloucester: Clinton, Kucinich, Richardson, Obama, Edwards, Biden

Hudson: Obama, Kucinich, Edwards, Biden, Richardson, Clinton

Hunterdon: Richardson, Biden, Edwards, Clinton, Obama, Kucinich

Mercer: Clinton, Obama, Richardson, Biden, Edwards, Kucinich

Middlesex: Obama, Richardson, Kucinich, Clinton, Biden, Edwards

Monmouth: Obama, Richardson, Clinton, Kucinich, Edwards, Biden

Morris: Obama, Clinton, Biden, Richardson, Kucinich, Edwards

Ocean: Clinton, Edwards, Obama, Richardson, Biden, Kucinich

Passaic: Biden, Obama, Edwards, Kucinich, Clinton, Richardson

Salem:Kucinich, Biden, Edwards, Obama, Richardson, Clinton

Somerset: Obama, Biden, Richardson, Clinton, Kucinich, Edwards

Sussex: Biden, Kucinich, Edwards, Clinton, Obama, Richardson

Union: Obama, Kucinich, Edwards, Biden, Richardson, Clinton

Warren: Edwards, Obama, Clinton, Richardson, Kucinich, Biden

Democratic candidate ballot placement, county by county