Doctoroff's Continuing Role in Development Projects [updated]

At the press conference today announcing his departure from his City Hall position, Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff said that he will stay somewhat involved in public life.

“I could potentially remain as the chairman of [the] Hudson Yards Development Corporation, as I am today,” he told reporters. “Queens West, we haven’t even formed a corporation yet but I could, theoretically, remain or become the chairman."

With respect to PLaNYC, the city’s long-term sustainability plan, Doctoroff said he would be involved, but in “much more as an informal role.”

Doctoroff’s departure wasn’t entirely unexpected, and the mayor said at the press conference that he has been preparing for departures from his administration.

“One of the things that we did, if you’ll remember, close to a year ago, we asked every city agency for a transition plan,” Bloomberg said.

Departments were asked “to identify, in their agency, who could take over, because I wanted to make sure that we didn’t have to go outside to recruit somebody new if, as you get near the end, you lose somebody that is very important.”

“The city has to have a contingency plan. The city has to keep going,” he added.

UPDATE: A reader reminded me that Bloomberg and Doctoroff are seeking a waiver, or some kind of guidance from the Conflict of Interest Board before Doctoroff plays a role in development projects after leaving the administration.

Doctoroff's Continuing Role in Development Projects [updated]