DSC now supports open draw

The Democratic State Committee has backed down from its earlier balloting position request and has instead recommended that county clerks conduct an open draw between all presidential primary candidates.

“The New Jersey state committee has been contacted by the major presidential campaigns to request that, instead of the process for ballot draws outlined in my letter of December 17, 2007, that the state committee recommend an open draw of all primary candidates. Accordingly,” wrote party counsel William Northgrave in a letter to all county clerks this evening.

The DSC’s earlier request would have allowed county chairs to give candidates that they’ve endorsed the first ballot spot, which would benefit Hillary Clinton, who has the support of 17 of 21 county chairs. It also would made the first ballot draw in each county where there is no endorsement between Clinton and Barack Obama, as they were the only two candidates to field full slates of delegates. Both of those provisions drew criticism from the Obama and John Edwards campaigns, who felt that they benefited Clinton, and were criticized as contrary to Democratic National Committee rules.

The third part of Northgrave’s request – that candidates and delegates are selected together through the touch of one button – remains intact. DSC now supports open draw