Elsewhere: A Man Of The Year Is Crowned

Technically, this marks the second straight year that Vladimir Putin has been named Time’s “Man of the Year,” since last year’s winner was…everyone..

The New York Times picks up on the latest effort to reshape Mitt Romney’s image.

If immigration is the decisive issue in Iowa, then why is Tancredo getting out?

CBS News tries to make sense of the Ron Paul phenomenon.

Walter Shapiro thinks he’s spotted the first negative ad on the Democratic side.

I didn’t know John Mayer was supporting Ron Paul until I saw CQ’s Celebrity Endorsements slideshow.. I’m still not sure I care, though.

Joe Crowley gets some ink in Slate.

Here’s some video of Anthony Weiner speaking at a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

In our comments section, Bloomberg enthusiast Karen Gallet shares with the world her note to Azi.

And, courtesy of Azi, pictured above is Bloomberg’s closest confident, Deputy Mayor Patty Harris, photographing this morning’s press conference by the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

That’s it for today. See you in the morning… Elsewhere: A Man Of The Year Is Crowned