Elsewhere: Bruno, Clinton, Silver

Joe Bruno is still not happy that the Assembly failed to deal with N.Y.R.A.

Assemblyman Michael Gianaris says he’s open to running for City Council.

Eliot Brown finds that investigating plans for Moynihan Station leads to a whole lot of “redacted.”

Aaron Naparstek at Streetsblog thinks Michael Bloomberg might be reading.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is caught pushing posts on a blog.

Her new ad features her mom.

Sheldon Silver wants to get rid of the Thruway Authority.

Al Sharpton echoes his lawyer and notes he is almost always under investigation.

Jonathan Hicks thinks a lot of city politicians are waiting to see what Scott Stringer will do.

Rudy Giuliani gets around to addressing immigration in his new ad.

Liz reports Bob Kerrey is off to Iowa to stump for Clinton.

Kerrey and Newt Gingrich praise Hillary’s long term care plan and urge other candidates to develop the same.

The state Board of Regents hires a former Tony Blair adviser.

Bill Clinton raises funds in New Jersey.

A Politico story about Michael Bloomberg‘s presidential candidacy spurs a debate about his record on education in its comments section.

The Intelligencer writes "A Guide to Dan Doctoroff’s Unfinished Business."

In the comments section, Queens says Weiner has lots of good reasons to endorse Carrion for comptroller.

Also in comments, headhunter compares Carrion’s campaign spending to other comptroller candidates.

Eliot and Silda Wall Spitzer will hold their second annual open house at the governor’s mansion on New Year’s Day.

And pictured above is Clinton Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe being welcomed in Nevada.

Elsewhere: Bruno, Clinton, Silver