Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, Bruno

Obama uses a Clinton tactic in attacking her for attacking him, writes Ben.

Noam Schieber thinks Hillary’s attacks may backfire by fueling Obama’s fund-raising.

Alicia Colon thinks that the city should reconsider bringing NASCAR to Staten Island. She’s also heard that Eliot Spitzer is a fan.

State Senator Eric Adams is introducing legislation this week that would require more detailed reports from medical examiners on deaths related to 9/11.

Former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich is not happy with Hillary.

Marc Ambinder notes that Clinton will play to bread-and-butter issues this week.

Alice Kryzan is officially taking on Jon Powers in the Democratic primary to challenge Tom Reynolds.

John Riley asks if Joe Bruno and Eliot Spitzer deserve each other.

Joe Bruno blames both Spitzer and Sheldon Silver for the uncertain future of horse racing.

Bill Thompson issues a warning about the city’s economy.

Gail Robinson does the numbers on just how self-promoting Marty Markowitz has been with taxpayer dollars.

Gawker anticipates some awkwardness with the upcoming CNN debates, and wonders if Ben will get to ask Rudy Giuliani any questions.

And Diane Sawyer can’t believe she called the mayor of New York a munchkin on TV

Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, Bruno