Elsewhere: Kerik, Robinson, Stringer

A judge disagrees with Bernie Kerik’s lawyer, ruling that the former official can get a fair trial.

Eliot Spitzer says he won’t make public his testimony before the integrity commission.

The City Council web site gets a makeover.

Rasmussen is polling on how Bloomberg would perform in a presidential race.

A Republican deodorant heir says he won’t run for Mike Ferguson’s congressional seat.

State Senate Republicans want Spitzer to oppose the Thruway toll hike.

A top aide to Joel Klein steps down.

Rock Hackshaw thinks Annette Robinson’s run for City Council is a cynical way to get around term limits.

Scott Stringer favors a pedestrian walk near the new Moynihan Station, linking Broadway and the West Side Yards.

Obama’s Oprah event in Iowa has not sold out.

Noam Schieber wonders if Clinton understands the lesson of Gore and Bradley.

Sean Penn wants you to vote for Dennis Kucinich. He really doesn’t want you to vote for Clinton.

Liz quotes possible Council candidate Joe Lazar saying about Dov Hikind’s possible run for the same seat, “(Hikind) is thinking about it as I’m thinking about my run. If I announce and run, I am comfortable he will support me. If I don’t announce and he announces before me then he’s my candidate. I think it’s his prerogative to do what he wants. I don’t know if he’s going to run, but if he does, he’ll have my full support.”

In the comments section, toocold2petition says of the delegates slate, “What a great slate for Hillary, obviously. I’m really surprised that Edwards made it in so many CD’s, while Richardson was nowhere to be seen. Obama seemed strong with an array of local elects and a good East Side slate with Perkins, Ravitch, and Leopold.”

And pictured above is The Amazing Kreskin at the World Bar near the U.N., where he foresaw the winner of the ’08 election. He’s keeping it to himself. Elsewhere: Kerik, Robinson, Stringer