Elsewhere: Kerik, Suozzi, McCain

Bernie Kerik’s lawyer says prosecutors have ruined his chance of a fair trial.

Joe Bruno visits Michael Bloomberg and says the mayor would make a good governor, reports Liz.

Departing Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff says he thinks Michael Bloomberg "would be a fabulous president."

The New York City Transit Authority is splitting up the management of subway lines so they can compete against each other.

Tom Suozzi wants Eliot Spitzer to reduce property taxes.

Bloomberg’s trip to China will be about human rights and the environment, reports Grace Rauh.

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council has a Google Map of improvement plans for all five boroughs that will take place in between 2008-2012.

Norman Oder asks: is Atlantic Yards the next Madison Square Garden, or the next Newark Prudential Center?

G.O.P. Senator Charles Grassley thinks Romney and Obama will win Iowa.

Rudy Giuliani drops the name Ronald Reagan again.

John Riley has some questions about what Andrew Cuomo said in today’s New York Times article.

Tony Avella thinks having city council positions defined as part-time means council members “serve two masters.”

Bill Clinton talks to ABC News about his role in the possible next Clinton White House.

Michael Clancy writes about the often-overlooked presidential candidate from the Bronx.

Gennifer Flowers is apparently considering a vote for Hillary Clinton. [added]

The Economist thinks Republicans should look at John McCain again.

And pictured above is World Series-winning Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling joining McCain on the campaign trail.

Elsewhere: Kerik, Suozzi, McCain