Elsewhere: Markowitz’s Pension, Spitzer’s Pardons, Fosella’s Funds

In his annual interview with Brooklyn Paper, term-limited Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz said, "what I’m going to earn on my city pension will not pay my rent."

Drug reform activists aren’t happy with Spitzer’s lack of pardons this year, reports Liz.

Trenton Mayor Doug Palmer thinks Hillary Clinton is not afraid to address urban issues.

A staffer fired from the state Senate Democratic Conference said he’ll sue to get his job back.

"You can take this job and shove it!!!!" wrote a departing Community Board District Manager in Queens.

On the Albany Project, Roatti slams Sheldon Silver and writes, "New York needs another Democratic Assembly member like a fish needs a bicycle, and we certainly do not need one at the expense of any Senate seats."

Before her death, Benazir Bhutto wrote an email to her Washington lobbyist saying Musharaff should be held partially responsible if she died in political violence.

Republican Congressman Vito Fossella may have money troubles for his re-election.

John Edwards has two new ads, with more or less the same message.

So does Barack Obama.

According to Marc Ambinder, the rumor that John McCain received matching funds is not true.

Jonathan Martin thinks Mike Huckabee needs the primary to have happened yesterday.

Slate reports on a as-yet-unaired anti-Romney McCain ad.

After Clinton announced a two-minute caucus eve address on TV in Iowa yesterday, Barack Obama sought the same.

Greg Sargent picks up on that Guardian piece on anti-Muslim comments from a Giuliani supporter in New Hampshire.

The Concord Monitor’s primary blog is running a “Year in Review” for all the candidates.

McCain shows off his many newspaper endorsements in a new ad.

Chelsea Clinton doesn’t want to talk to Glenn Thrush.

On their blog today, the New York Times editorial board wonders "whether a high-achiever like Mr. Bloomberg would get in the race to place or show."

According to Gothamist, New Yorkers are not afraid of a tiger escaping from the Bronx Zoo.

And pictured above is some vintage Giuliani.

Elsewhere: Markowitz’s Pension, Spitzer’s Pardons, Fosella’s Funds