Estabrook formally announces senate candidacy

Businesswoman Anne Evans Estabrook formally announced her run today for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, billing herself as a candidate who can deal with the state’s affordability crisis.

“With New Jersey facing a true affordability crisis and with politicians putting partisanship above problem-solving, there could be no more urgent time for someone like myself with an outside perspective and a lifetime of experience building consensus to roll up my sleeves to help fix that badly broken business called the federal government,” said Estabrook, who owns and operates an industrial real estate company.

Estabrook has been officially in the race since October, but waited until today to make a formal announcement from two locations: Kean University in Union and The Window Factory in Haddon Heights.

Although she’s likely to face a primary challenge on the right from Assemblyman/state Senator-Elect Joe Pennacchio, Estabrook only attacked incumbent U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg in her press release. She pointed to a number of bills Lautenberg had voted for in the Senate that she said increased the tax burden, including voting to spend $70 million on peanut storage and to fund a “hippie museum” in Woodstock.

“The people in NJ want a change,” said Estabrook. “They won’t get that from Frank Lautenberg. They will get it from me.”

Pennacchio said that he doesn't plan to make an official announcement about his senate run until next month, and that he's focusing on legislative issue like monetization and the death peantly during the lame duck session.

“It’s her day. Good luck, and I’m looking forward to a spirited campaign," said Pennacchio.


Estabrook formally announces senate candidacy