Felder: M.T.A. Budget Will ‘Rip Us Off’ [updated]

Simcha Felder sent over this unfunny statement about the M.T.A.’s proposed budget:

“I’m not surprised that the MTA has found a new way to rip us off by holding the base fare favored by tourists at $2, while raising every other fare, including the fares of the weekly and monthly unlimited passes. Hard working New Yorkers, who have to deal with crowded trains, delayed and intermittent service, and dirty subway stations every day should be the ones shielded most from fare hikes. This is a slap in the face to everyday New Yorkers.

“I hope the MTA reconsiders its proposal to hold the base fare at $2 at the expense of the other fares favored by New Yorkers.”

Gene Russianoff, the lead lawyer for the Straphanger’s campaign weighed in:

“I am very disappointed that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is supporting Governor Eliot Spitzer’s proposed fare hike for New York City subway and bus riders.”

UPDATE: Eric Gioia’s people just sent over a statement:

“It’s always too easy to pass on costs to riders who are struggling as it is to make ends meet. The cost of everything’s going up and people are being squeezed. I’m not satisfied that the MTA has looked at all cost-cutting options, as they should before a hike is put in place. Higher fees and the same or lesser service are all too often the answer from government, and that needs to change.”

Felder: M.T.A. Budget Will ‘Rip Us Off’ [updated]