Fidler Tells M.S.G. What to do With Its Extra Cash

The fight to revoke the nearly $11 million tax break enjoyed by the owners of Madison Square Garden, who also own the Knicks and the Rangers, is on. Both Michael Bloomberg and Christine Quinn want it gone, as do a number of other politicians. This morning, Councilman Lew Fidler distributed a top ten list of things the owners can do with the money from the tax break:

10. Pay the Anucha Browne Sanders judgment and still have enough to conduct classes in manners and respect for the Garden front office.

9 Pay Jerome James and Jared Jeffries their obviously worthwhile salaries for their 2007-2008 season and still have money left over to…well, not actually.

8. Lure Pavel Bure out of retirement and sign him to a two-year contract with the Rangers.

7. Pay their federal fines for insufficient access for the handicapped for the next 19.8 years.

6. Announce a rebate plan to return $545,000 to Knicks ticket holders for each of the team’s likely 20 wins this year.

5. Eat their entire Garden store stock of Stephon Marbury jerseys and t-shirts.

4. Start a new ad campaign: See real basketball at the Garden…N.Y. Liberty!

3. Cancel actual Knicks games and run video of Willis Reed’s heroic performance during Game 7 of the 1970 championship series instead.

2. Offer a huge bonus to any Knick not named Lee or Balkman who actually plays defense for an entire game.


Fidler Tells M.S.G. What to do With Its Extra Cash