Gioia Time in New Hampshire

Every four years, all of the presidential candidates descend on New Hampshire. And so does City Councilman Eric Gioia.

“I go up every presidential cycle,” Gioia, who worked in the Clinton White House, told me late yesterday. “I was up there for Muskie!” (Joke.)

“‘99 was the first time I was up there,” Gioia explained.

“If you love politics, or you want to believe in a political system, you should knock on doors in New Hampshire,” he said. “There’s just nothing like it. It’s amazing. You run for president the way you run for city council. You actually knock on doors, you speak in town halls, call voters personally.”

And it’s scenic, if you have time for that sort of thing.

“The lake region is actually gorgeous. If you’ve ever been to Lake Laconia? It really is quite beautiful.”

Gioia Time in New Hampshire