Giuliani drawn last in open lottery for ballot position in Monmouth

Republican presidential hopeful and New Jersey frontrunner Rudy Giuliani couldn’t catch a break today in Monmouth County.

First,the former New York mayorhad to personally withdraw from a fund-raiser in Colts Neck because of flu-like symptoms that put him in the hospital.

The he came in at the bottom of the heap in Clerk Claire French’s ballot drawing ths afternoon for placement on the Feb. 5th primary ballot.

"We just had our open lottery drawing, and on the Republican side we drew John McCain first, Fred Thompson second, Mike Huckabee third, Mitt Romney fourth, Ron Paul fifth, and Rudy Giuliani sixth," said French.

On the Democratic Party side in Monmouth,the order on the ballot is as follows:Sen. Barack Obama will occupy line A, Gov. Bill Richardson, B; Sen. Hillary Clinton, C; U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D; Sen. John Edwards, E; and Sen. Joe Biden, F.

"I just aletrted our printer so we can get ballot prepared," said French.

In Middlesex, the order for the Democratic presidential candidates will run as follows: Obama, again on lina A, followed by Richardson, Kucinich, Clinton, Biden, and Edwards.

On the Republican side in Middlesex, the ballot order is as follows: McCain, Thompson, Huckabee, Paul, Romney, Giuliani.

Giuliani drawn last in open lottery for ballot position in Monmouth