Giuliani's Firewall, Rooney's Retirement

Nicholas Wapshott anoints Giulaini’s Meet the Press appearance this Sunday the “firewall” his campaign needs to stop its falling poll numbers. [The Sun]

Giuliani implies it was the Iraq invasion that made Iran stop its nuclear program. [Poltical Radar]

Barack Obama writes an introduction to the January issue of the law review at the Charleston School of Law. [AP]

Chuck Schumer is calling on the feds to get Oswego harbor dredged as soon as possible. [Times-Union]

John Edwards has more support among veteran caucus-goers than either Clinton or Obama. [Washington Wire]

New Jersey Assemblyman John Rooney is considering retirement. [PolitickerNJ]

Three New York Congressmen voted against the energy bill in the house yesterday. [Rochester Turning]


Giuliani's Firewall, Rooney's Retirement